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Poor Supervision and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I'll give you some background on my employment history first. I've worked as a Hair Salon Manager at the same salon for several years(I don't do hair, just manage) and I have recently moved provinces and have had to find work in another salon. I have had no problem finding a management job and I am being compensated well but the environment and supervisors are horrible. I am on my second employer in about a two month period and the salon I worked at before seem to be heaven compared to this one.

There seems to be a underlining negativity. One of the managers is a order barker and is very disrespectful when he talks to other employees this in turn has everyone despising him. The other supervisor is nice but shows no initiative as a supervisor, by that I mean she does not support or motivate staff, she does not train the front desk properly and she could care less to introduce herself to a new hire.
When I started the job there was no structured training and only annoyed receptionists when I asked for help. If anyone makes a mistake the managers or employees get mad at them but they don't realize if they had trained them properly or had more understanding these people might make less mistakes. In the end the people that are barking are the ones responsible for the mistakes.

There is so much negative feedback I have collected and only about 6 out of 27 employees that are somewhat positive people it is staring to get me down. How do I implement a positive environment and make changes that will benefit the employees without feeling like there is a brick wall in my face.

Thank you  
Employee: anonymous
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