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Office Romance and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
Maintenance supervisor is romantically interested in cleaning staff. Recommends to boss solutions that makes cleaning staffs work schedule better for her and worse for me and has made the schedule so that cleaning staff is now getting paid travel to work one day a week. The boss has told the cleaning staff she can pick her schedule on Sunday meaning she does not have to work til 10pm that night. After 2 years the boss started having me work 2 nights till 10pm on the weekend. I ask if I could have one weekend a month off and she said no. Because I am the manager I need to be here on the weekend she said.

I left early this past Saturday night because I had my 40 hours in. I received an email from her saying the next time that happened I need to come in early so I can close the clubhouse, which I did just an early. I am in this big building til 10pm there is hardly every anyone around here and it gets scary.

I don't know if I am making any sense. This is a personality problem, she will not hear of any flexibility. I would never have taken this just if I had known she was going to change my schedule down the road to work every fri & sat night. Help.....  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
If I am to understand this exactly how you describe it, and it isn't just your perception, you may have a case of discrimination against you. However, key details are needed for establishment of this case: how big is your firm? If it's over 15 employees you have a case. Less than that, you don't. Moreover, do you have an Equal Opportunity Employment department in your firm? Usually, one would necessitate the other. That is 15+ employee firm allows EOE department. I wrote all this so you don't have to get back to me (on this forum) and can judge for yourself what to do. Whatever the case, DO NOT go over her head if that's possible. You must first bring the situation to her attention and if she blows you off tell her you are going over her head. It doesn't hurt to just casually (not in a threatening manner) mention you talked to your lawyer and...You haven't but if you don't mind a little white lie you can always use that line. Oh, if you do have a case, you have to talk to your EOE representative and file a claim. Retaliation against you is punishable by law, so go ahead. Even if your EOE says you don't have a case they will keep it confidential and you risk nothing. Good luck.
Contributor: visitor
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