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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been working at my current work for about 6 months. My job is great except for a few things. My company works with a group of volunteers that adopt out animals. I didn't have any problems with them for the first week or so, but the head lady who organizes the group, decided she didn't like me for personal choices at home. She banned me from being near the animals, adopting or fostering the animals and complained to my manager about me numerous times. I was told not to talk about them and to ignore them. I did. The head lady continued though to stare me down and talk about me to other volunteers. I complained a few times, but nothing was done because she's part of the group and not the company.

Then, I was given an animal last week by a young lady. I had my spouse take the animal home. I was then approached by my manager saying he was told that the animal ws the groups and they had been expecting it. So, because I am an honest person, I had my spouse return it ASAP. The volunteer who asked the animal to be returned didn't want the head lady to know. So the animal was returned and I apologized. Everything seemed over.

The next day I came in and the head lady was there, and if her eyes had been daggers, she would have been stabbing me. I ignored it and thought nothing of it really until my department manager and two volunteers told me she knew. Apparently, the volunteer who had asked me not to say anything to the head lady had taken it upon herself to do so. The head lady went to my department manager demanding that I not be allowed near the group and that not speak to any volunteers. She also stated at this time that I had "killed" my animals. This was untrue and hurtful. She then revealed that the animal in question from the day before was never theirs. So the group stole this animal from me. I was upset. I had done the honest thing and they were not even honest. I complained to my manager and was told I was in the wrong and that basically they can do as they please. I feel like I'm not being treated very fair.

This woman also accused another employee of starving an animal. She bullies her own volunteers and my company's employees. How do we stop her? The managers don't seem to want to stop her.  
Employee: anonymous
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