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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am a supervisor in a professional practice, my assistant is really getting to me. I need someone I can rely on and I thought things were good over 2 years, but this past year is crazy. She does not take annual leave in block preferring to take Fridays and Mondays until her holidays are used up, I have since stopped this by saying no longer possible to take consecutive Fridays as I am so busy with my own work, I have to do hers and then get to mine.....Lately sick days are constant, things were so bad I had to sit down to talk things over and really felt we have resolved the issue......Now today I receive a text message which she has sent to me but made it look like it wasn't for me hi, yes I'm at the doctor now, will text you later, this is clearly a way of letting me know she is sick (not) and I will be hearing from her later, yet another day I have to reorganise my kids to cover all day for her, I'm so tired and drained from the constant not knowing when the next sick day will be, I'm married with kids and work part-time, she is single and no other responsibilities, I am at the end of my tether, my boss is not happy at all with this.

She is not being straight with me, she is going about getting time off by lying about it and now text messages like this one, please please someone help, I desperately need some guidance, thank you.  
Employee: catsmgw
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