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Being accused for falsifying time sheet information
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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have a question for you but first let me give you some background if you don't mind.

I formerly worked for a call center in California I worked for for 3 years but then was terminated on August 2008. The paperwork states that I was terminated for falsifying restroom break time sheet information.

Prior to being terminated I was having gastrointestinal problems. I had to go to the restroom on a frequent basis. This affected my availability on the telephones at work. In order to have those times excused I had to have my medical doctor fill out an excuse form for HR to excuse my breaks. I was on a final and it looked like my availability for the following month wasn't going to make it because the doctor didn't give enough excuse time for me. One day in August 2008 my supervisor told me that I was going to be terminated but since my doctor filled out another extension for my restroom breaks I should be fine. The following week however I get called into a meeting with HR. According to HR I was caught on camera twice leaving the call center when I had written down I was using the restroom. They questioned why I did that in July 2008. I told them I had to go to my car and get my medication. Since I had to leave from why side of the call center and re-enter from the opposite side. HR said they would have to look into that.

The following day I was terminated. In their statement not only did they say I falsified restroom break time sheet information but that I wasn't sure if those were my breaks or not. I didn't say that. Then to tie the knot HR wrote that my availability was bad any how so I was going to be terminated no matter what (after having been told earlier that I was fine by my immediate supervisor). When I met HR for the second time to sign termination paperwork HR told me I had to sign the document otherwise I wouldn't receive my severance check. At the time I didn't know my rights in the matter and signed my life away.

The HR manager told me that she could only tell future employers that I worked for the company. If the potential employer was a Hilton Hotel or a security job she would have to divulge the reason for the termination.

Months later I got a hold of the Fair Employment and Housing Department. They took my statement down but were only there as mediators. The company only wanted to settle for $6,000 and no attorney wanted to take my case because I signed the documents.

My question to you is what am I supposed to say when I need to fill out an application or go for an interview? I know lying isn't good but the accusations against me are stacked high! Your advice is most appreciated. Thank you.

Employee: anonymous
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