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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am a copywriter and I head the Creatives & Communication Department, India of a company based in California. I am responsible for concept development, visualization and copy for marketing collaterals used by the company worldwide.
2 graphic designers - mid level and junior level report to me, while I report to Marketing Director in the US.

The Marketing Director was here in India to initiate this new initiative in India with me (I joined in Jan after doing test assignment which got great laurels from all quarters.) While the Marketing Director was in India I noticed he was a bit overwhelmed with my level of talent, English and creativity. (I am not being pompous, all this was very evident, however he continued to give me and my opinion a lot of respect, and I reciprocated likewise.

Now of late he is visibly trying to treat me like a nobody, trying, overriding all instructions I give to my team, at times giving conflicting instructions, at times not keeping me in the loop, my junior so far good have started to give me the answer "The Marketing Manager said this or that".
The top boss an NR Indian is in and out of India, California and a host of other countries. He has no time, gives me a great deal of respect, but does not have any inclination to be kept in the loop. I too feel silly and juvenile carrying tales.

But this whole thing is getting very stressful. I am choking within. I love my work, but somehow I need to tell the Marketing Manager not to jump the line and communicate with my team directly and that he is to go through me (as defined in my work profile), however I want to do this without being offensive.

What do I do?


Jyoti Singh.
Employee: jyotisingh20556@rediffmai
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