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This is the original problem from an employee...
The nurse that I work with doesnt get the job done in a timely manner. I have the same people, (patients, medical supply companys, and home health companies), calling everyday asking if their prescription refill has been done and asking the status of forms that they faxed. Some of the callers have been calling for days, weeks and some even months. Here it is October and we had got a fax from a medical supply company in May and they havent got a response from us yet. No one has even called them back after all the messages they have left. A few of the callers were calling about diabetic supplies. That is something a patient desperately needs. There is also discrimination against some of the patients. Then I am told if I take a note from anyone calling in, do not state in the note anything that could get us in trouble if we were audited. If its a negative thing then write it on a separate piece of paper that can be thrown away. Wouldnt I be lying if I didnt write what the caller said? What can I do? There are many more issues that I am having with these people but I dont have all night to discuss them. I love my job. I love what I do and I know I do the right things as a employee. I just dont like the ways of my coworkers. I have even been told more than once that I am the nicest one there and the only one who cares. I dont know who I can talk to considering the company is locally owned and operated and I would get fired if I went to anyone that could tell them what I have said. I have to know who to go to outside of my job. I am looking for another job because this is not the type of environment I want to be in but I cant just quit because I have a family to support. I know something needs to be said and done but who do I go to? I would hate to see how they would feel if it was them or one of their loved ones getting this kind of treatment from their physicians office. Please give me some advice. This stresses me to see how these patients and other companies are being treated by people they are trusting with their lives. I dont know who else to turn to. Any positive advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  
Employee: johnson1023
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