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Punished for being sick!
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This is the original problem from an employee...
Cutting along story short - I rang the 'second in charge' to advise that I was not well and would not be fit for work the following day - I tried to give her as much notice as possible - instead of accepting this news however, I was made to feel guilty...she honestly sounded like she was going to cry!

The real manager was away on holidays and I was told there was 'no-one' eles available to do my shift - So, gripped with guilt and sympathy for this poor woman who had taken on this position of 'second in charge', ( 12 months prior mind-you )

I reluctantly agreed to go in - however, I stated that it would still be a good idea if she could possibly help try and organise someone else to do my shift, because,the bottom line was - I was 'not' well and I knew within myself the virus I had, was getting worse not better -

Anyway - she found nobody to replace me so I got up the next day for work and started at 5.00am.
By 7.00am I had no voice left at all - my chest and throat was just burning - and I felt like I could keel over at any given moment. I also did not want to put myself in the humiliating position of having to vommit into a garbage can in front of customers' -

So, by writing a note, I got the girl that I was working with, (who was almost due to knock-off) to ring the 'second in charge', to let her know that I really was unfit for work and needed to go home. I felt very ill.

After the 'second in charge' had been advised, I was told to go home, so, feeling relieved, I did.
My son ,on behalf of me, rang later that afternoon to advise them that I would not be in the following day either,
and he was told that my shift for the next day had already been filled,which was also a relief to me at that time!
Anyway - I was given hands up the following week, when the big boss from Head office left me a message on my phone.
I returned his call to find out he was simply enquiring about my health and was ringing to find out if I would be at work the following weekend.
My head was still feeling abit fuzzy, so I didn't click straight away -
I advised him that I would be, and that I had already gone to the shop that morning to advise the 'second in charge' of the same thing, however she was not there. I also informed him that I had been to the Doctor and had a Doctors' Certificate...end of conversation.

Did I mention that I have never met or spoke to this boss from Head Office before this?
Plus - Head Office is about 10 hours away from here?! After I hung up, I found it curious that he rang me instead of the 'second in charge'.

When I returned the call to this Boss from Head Office - it was too a mobile number as well - not a local!!
So straight up, I'm faced with 'extra' expense, plus the knowefge that my own Team members
would prefer to have a bitch and whinge rather than ring me themselves to see how I was!

The next time I saw the 'second in charge' I 'actually' apologized for letting her down!

She accepted my apology but still has put in a complaint since then to the Manager that was on annual leave!

.I feel like "KICKING" myself!! I am honestly dealing with a 2 headed snake here!

I went up to work yesterday to pick up the new roster - this is when I found out about the meeting and how I have only been rostered on for only 'one day' a week
because of the complaint in regard to me being sick! This is their petty way of punishing me!
I've seen them do it to others' before so I am fully aware of what is going on....

I feel, that the complaint and trivial fault-finding about me is simply a projection of the 'assistant mangers' own failings and shortcomings
while the Manager was away on annual leave.

What to do?
Employee: TJ
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Start looking for a new job :) in the mean time but people like this you should not have to put up with :)
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
There may not be too much you can do. If you are not guaranteed a certain number of hours (which it does not seem like you are) then you may be at their mercy to staff you as they see fit.

Sometimes, people see an illness as a risk and they do not know if it is long term or not. Companies hate risk.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Your story sounds familiar because i work in a similar environments. Sickness is viewed as "insubordination" or "laziness".

If one of us is sick for a few days, we are given less hours for weeks. And pity the one who has a serious problem and may be sick frequently. They just cut their hours back permanently to the point where the poor thing has to find another job to make enough money to survive. Of course, that was the aim of management all along, so mission accomplished.
If I were you, I would look for some place else to work.
Contributor: visitor
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