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Overworking Issues and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been working in a bakery for the past 10 months. The job has gotten very stressful and there has been a lot of drama going on between other co-workers basically from day 1, which I have never been a part of. My direct manager will not handle situations and says for us to handle our own problems, which doesn't fix anything. In my time there I have been required to take on the responsibilities of a cake decorator, without getting the pay or title of one. I have been bypassed 2 times for the position yet my managers still ask me to fulfill orders and help the decorators, on top of requiring me to complete my own work. I have talked to my managers time and time again about the stress and how I am unable to complete my work because of the workload they are putting on me. Yet every week I am asked why my own work is not done. I am the only person who has volunteered to close and basically run the bakery by myself from 2pm-10pm. I had been considering quitting, but finally did it today. One of my managers interrupted my work and asked me to help the decorators with orders because they had not managed time well. This was a manager that knows how overworked I am and I have even done his work. I finally told him I am not a decorator and will not cover nor clean up the decorators messes.

He reported me to the store manager who called me into his office. My store manager told me he knows I'm smart, sees me moving up in the company and that I have never given them problems. He even acknowledged how I tried to work even while I was injured. We discussed the problems going on in my department and he told me I needed to be a leader and offer up support and ideas on how to fix the problems. I explained to him how I have tried to help and that nothing will get fixed unless people want to work and change their attitudes. He (the store manager) told me he was not there to change attitudes. He also told me that he had no idea there were so many problems in my department. Yet we have one of the asst. managers in the bakery almost every day because of problems. I also explained to him, again, that I am only one person and cannot cover my job while being asked to do 2 other people's jobs. He told me I was wrong in that thinking, that I had the wrong mindset and if I felt that way, I should think about why I am still working there. So after our meeting I went back to my department and wrote my notice letter, taking effect immediately.

About an hour ago the store manager called and asked me to come in on Monday to discuss my letter. He said he was not happy about it and did not want that outcome. I told him I would come in, but honestly I do not feel there is much more to be said. He has said he will try to fix the problems but hasn't got any ideas on how to do it. He has also said that he will try to make me a decorator, but I will still have to do the job of a sales floor employee, something the decorators never have to do. I told him I I feel completely taken advantage of and disrespected.

Since I have already stated my side, what else should I tell him? Should I go back if they offer a promotion or just look for work elsewhere?  
Employee: monkee04
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