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Poor Employee Morale and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been employed at my job for 5 years. It was not until I was promoted to my current position as supervisor that I realized the extent of the unprofessional behavior that takes place on a daily basis. Poor morale is just a starting point.

At my job we have these giant projectors on the wall that act as an announcement board. Everyday they run a slide show that lets the agents know the focus of the day, upcoming events, etc. About a month ago, our call center manager (CCM) posted a message on the PowerPoint that read "Our Monitoring Average is 55%. Even a dummy can pass their monitorings. Don't be a dummy, pass your monitorings". Now as a supervisor, I will admit, our performance has been up and down and we are not meeting goal on many metrics; however, there is way in which we address performance issues and calling your staff dummies does not help. He let this particular slide run for about 5 rounds and then he took it down. Our agents (even us supervisors) were furious! There were some agents that even went to our HR department (another joke) and reported it because they were insulted. The most disheartening factor of this incident is that 10 minutes prior to him posting this slide, he had just advised the supervisor staff to go to the floor and motivate our people to stay fully engaged with their customers and increase awareness during their calls. How can I, as a supervisor, motivate an agent who is struggling in their performance, but at the same time trying very hard? How can I look this agent in the face and motivate and encourage them that he or she can do the job when the "big man" just called them a dummy? How can anyone? Honestly, at that point, it does not even matter what I say to the agent because in the back of their mind, the CCM says that they are dummies. There were supervisors threatening to leave for the day if he did not remove that slide. No one wanted to be a part of such unethical and demoralizing behavior. And of course nothing was done about his behavior because he still continues to put such demoralizing things on the projector. The agents have actually started taking pictures of the slides as they roll with their camera phones stating that they are going to keep them as proof. That incident was just one of many.

There have been plenty of times in which he has stood at the front of the center and literally threatened to fire the next agent who failed a customer satisfaction survey due to agent negligence. We are not even going to count the number of times he has literally slammed every door he came into contact with because he was upset about our performance. And please let us not forget the time he literally stood outside of his office and banged his head up against the window because he was "so furious". And then he had the audacity to say that if you do not feel like banging your head up against the wall when you see our survey scores, then you do not have the right mind set for this job. Granted, I do get upset when as a center we perform poorly; however, I am not going to act out in such a frenzy. Especially in front of a room full of 300+ agents who are looking at me in great dismay. Yet the very next day after showing his *** he has the nerve to want to crack a dry joke or give out prizes. It's ridiculous! There have been times when we would start out having a great day. He would start handing out gift certificates, walking the floor laughing and interacting with the staff, or what have you, then all of a sudden our numbers would fall. And then he goes off the rocket yet again. This is what our staff is seeing and people wonder why there is no motivation the center anymore. They wonder why our attrition is always going up and why there are always so many call offs on a day to day basis.

I honestly don't even know what to do anymore. I remember when I used to be ready to come to work! I used to be so happy and upbeat throughout the duration of my shift! Now I literally dread each day. I can literally feel my entire mood change as soon as I enter the building and I am immediately uplifted when I leave. I am uplifted but at the same time I have this massive headache and my body feels so worn. But at the same time, I just feel so happy to leave. My job has been threatened so many times and I have been literally cursed so much during meetings that at this point, it never even affects me when it happens. You can't go to HR. For what? They are not going to do anything. As a matter of fact, they are so discombobulated, unprofessional, and unethical it don't make any sense!! It's like I don't have a voice. No one is willing to listen. There is so much going on in that place that I can't even imagine what it is that I can do (if anything) to help alleviate the situation other than just look for other employment opportunities. I don't have anyone to go to!

And then there is one manager there who has made it completely obvious that he has a personal vendetta against me (for whatever reason) and he has been making my life a nightmare for this past week. Strangely enough, his last day with the company is this coming Friday and ever since he submitted is LOR, he has been the devil himself. He has been making all of these personal accusations and threats against me and twisting company rules to work in his favor. Placing false information on my file and literally destroying my character. I tried to report him to HR for harassment and being offensive, but the HR director literally walked out of the office on me while I was talking! This was after the manager I was reporting stormed into the office after me and began to over talk me. She did not say anything! She just got up and walked out! Then the CCM storms in there yelling saying "All of you be quite right now or I swear to God I will fire each all of you right now!". But you expect me to stay positive and upbeat and motivational to my team. The center is a other way to put it! The agents are tired and have basically just given up. And honestly, there is soooo much more! This has just been the past two months! It's ridiculous!

I'm just at a lost! I am at the point where I need to go up the ladder but I don't even know if I have a case. And if I do, how do I go about reporting such an issue? And can I be reprimanded for it? Please help me!
Employee: nae1984
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
If there is a union, go to the local rep, or supervisor. If not, try to go to the owner of the co..the "mgr." sounds bi-polar...or it could be immediate reaction to something HIS supervisor said. Find out who the supposed people in charge answer to. And speak out..or have everyone in the center sign an anonymous petition. At the top, (disguise your handwriting..if it's not typed) specify that it had to be anonymous because EVERYONE had their jobs threatened. They can't fire EVERYONE. If need be, go public...the local news channels, the newspapers...reporters are always hungry for stories or material that will have an impact on their viewers or readers. This is only my opinion. I do acknowledge that there is nothing really to be done about small private companies who seem to be able to get away with just about anything. I don't even know if going to the media would have any impact on the way they conduct business!
Contributor: visitor
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