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Poor Employee Morale and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
My co-worker is always rubbishing the boss behind his back. It seems that old issues have never been sorted-out between them. How do I get this co-worker to stop off-loading onto me? I've tried to stop-listening, listened and suggested some avenues to explore - also spoken to the boss, in a light sort of way, that the co-worker behaves inappropriately at times and he says she often gets stressed. I feel I cannot express the problem with him clearly. He seems to think she's a good worker, etc. I now find this co-worker is now turning on me saying that I'm not any good at my job. How do I deal with this problem?  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
First off, although this is not your problem it has inadvertently been handed to you to to deal with ;being caught between two parties who at best are not being honest with each other has left you in a stressful situation which is not by any means conducive to you having a reasonably comfortable work environment.My advice is to go to your Boss and tell him exactly how this is impacting on you and request that he deals with it, an alternate route would be to confide and seek advice from HR and let them become involved instead of you.I very much doubt that your Boss is totally oblivious to this matter and is probably taking the easy way out,most people can't handle confrontation and it is easier to pretend that this is not happening. Unfortunately it is you who must act as the catalyst to instigate some primary action in this matter.
Contributor: visitor
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