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No one in my flower shop is adequately trained. What can I do?
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Lack of Training and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
Iím a supervisor and designer at a large florist. We usually have at least 3 to 4 florists on the floor just on a weekday, and on weekends thereís normally a half dozen of us.

Iíve been with the same florist for years. Iím a trained designer, and Iím always taking courses and going to conventions to stay on top of styles and keep up to date.

Iím finding, though, that the people that are being hired to work with me arenít trained the same way that I was. Not only do they not seem to have the same education as me to start, but theyíre also put out on their own before theyíre ready to work the till, the wire machine, and even answer the phones professionally. Not to mention the fact that they donít know how to design flowers in bouquets or arrangements, nor do they know how to treat or clean the flowers.

I try to do my best to help, but itís a busy place, and Iím needed by the customers. On average, theyíre given three days of training, and then just expected to work as though theyíve been doing this all their lives. Some of the tools and cleaning machines (the device that whips off extra leaves and thorns) can be dangerous if theyíre used wrong. Plus, the arrangements weíre giving customers are going down in quality.

I feel like Iím the only one left who knows what sheís doing. What can I do to help get us back on track? Itís getting haywire around here!
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
While I don't necessarily have "advice", except maybe go to the owner of the company to address these issues, I CAN say from the other end of the spectrum..that I know what you're talking about. I was just let go from an alarm company that assumed because I'd had previous experience, I would immediately know how they ran things. The rest of the trainees in my group had more personal training. I was promised intensive training if I agreed to go to my desired shift earlier. I did not receive intensive training. I received a sort of pamphlet that the woman assigned to training me had made for me as a sort of way to navigate the system. She admitted to never having trained anyone before. When I tried to have the guy who'd been there the longest train me (simply by sitting next to him and asking him to..there was no supervisory input on this)he flat out refused. Maybe stress the safety issues to the owner and that it reduces the potential for liability if the people are more efficiently trained. I don' t know who I can turn to, if anyone. Faulty equipment on which to 'learn' and not enough people available for questions. All I did was handle the lesser signals. When I asked to go back onto the main day shift just for a couple of days to better acquaint myself with the system, I was not met with any kind of approval; the op's mgr growled that he already had two trainees on day shift. how the hell is that MY fault?
Contributor: visitor
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