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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Sexual Harassment and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am assistant manager and there is another one he is male. We have employee that I saw inappropriate conduct between them. I ask him he blew up would not discuss it told me he wasn't doing anything and wouldn't do anything. He is 35 she is barley 20. Two weeks later she comes to me tells me she has a personal problem. she told me that she did not want to tell our manager, but that the other super was bothering her. Like trying to touch her hand and talking about sex.

I told her I would take care of it. I approached him and he blew up a gain and walked out. Let me with closing. I called his wife and told her to tell him to come clean up and if we could not get along I would leave. He came back I left. Later he called our manger and told her I quit. The next morning he had my keys I went to work noone there. I called his wife told me I didnt have to that he called our manager told her I quit so she was going to cover for me. I told her to wake him up. I drove over to his house he claims he thought I did. I called the manager she would not let me work told me to come the next day.

He has been trying to get me in trouble so I went to the manager and told her what was going on. She said she would check in to it. She talked to the girl and told the girl I said he was touching her body. The manager told her I was jealous and was making it more than it was. So the girl told her he was not bothering her. Rumors were going around that I lied and made the whole thing up because I am jealous. I am female too. I thought of him as a friend. So now I keep getting written up for minor things. He doesnt talk to me and is hanging around the manager. She is always riding me. So then we had a talk about a write up because he did not do what he was supposed to do, she wrote me up. After it was said and done she told me things he said I said that were not true. I texted him and told him I did not want to hear my name come out of his mouth. He claim no to know anything got angry and said he was gonna quit. I told him good riddance. He texted our manager and quit. The next day I find out he called and took it back. So I ask the manager if he was coming back what about the harassment. She claims no one brought it to her attention. We argued about it and she claims to called the district manager he told if the girl did not tell her there was nothing to do. So I left. The manager and him approached the girl and had her write a statement.

They told her I told them I said he was touching her body. that I was the one that would not leave it alone. The co-horsed her in to writing a statement that she did come to me, but she said he was only flirting that he did not sexual assault her. She texted me telling me that she came to me as friend she did not want the manager to know and told me what she did. Was really mad at me for telling them he had touched her body. I explained that I didn't. So now I have been off. What should I do. I thing I should go to the district manager over this situation because the manager is always cussing me and yelling over things I have not done. Other employees have heard her and do not like the way she manages. She gossips all the time and does not do any work hardly at all. She has only been there 2 months and everyone is fighting. Should I go to the District manager or let it go?
Employee: tamin1
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