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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Sexual Harassment and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work with two men, one my boss and one my co worker, the boss is on a business trip this week. I am here today with my co worker alone. I am in school on Tues and Wed. Today my co worker asked for a hug, he is an older man (74) and I am 31, he later continued to push himself on me and at one point was in the front office with me and grabbed my breast and at another point reached for my butt. He continued and I told him to stop, he has been persistent and I am scared.

I have told him no but he has continued and I do not want to stir trouble here at work. I am an apprentice and he is my mentor, and earlier he stated that if I wouldn't scream sexual harassment he would train me, otherwise he wouldn't teach me anything. I dont want to be a tattle tail and I am afraid I will lose my job if I speak to my boss when he returns, and even if I dont lose my job he will make it very difficult on me. This is a horrible feeling for me and I just need some guidance. PLEASE HELP!  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Walk out the door right now this very second and speak to a lawyer. DO NOT put up with this! DO NOT worry about being a tattle tail. You DO NOT have to put up with this!!!
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I'm sorry to hear that you are in such a difficult predicament. I don't know if it's still the case now, since there is no date posted, but I will give you my input anyway. No matter how badly you need the job, you shouldn't have to tolerate that kind of treatment. Realistically, if you give in to his demands he will always have that control over you and if/when you decide to file a complaint, the time it took you to report it may change the outcome. There is nothing you would learn from him that would help you in your career,nor would you gain any benefits from staying in that environment. You have many rights to exercise and enforce with or without your employer's support. It would be best if you seek legal advice and you could start by visiting your local human services agency. If your employer cares about the company and his employees, he would support your decision and act on it. Typically, "this man" would be fired and it's up to you whether or not to stay at your job. Many people go through workplace harassment and rarely do they admit it, so good for you for having the courage to seek help. If you don't take the right actions, this will leave a very negative impact on you...that kind of behaviour does not only occur on one occasion. I hope that you will do what's best for you not only now, but also in the long run.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
What would you say to a friend of yours who told you this was happening to them? hopefully you would say get out, see a lawyer and don't stand for it. You have to stand up for yourself, you will feel better and more empowered for it. Good luck, stay strong and don't let anyone treat you like that, ever.
Contributor: visitor
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