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What are typical issues that Anonymous Employee receives?


Anonymous Employee receives a very diverse range of problems. The most common type of issue we receive tends to revolve around workplace harassment and / or bullying. While this one is the most common, we it can also be one of the most complex and difficult to solve. Many of the more "serious" problems can have an easy answer. Unfortunately, there is often no quick easy fix for workplace bullying as for the person doing the bullying, it is often the only management style they understand.

Anonymous Employee also receives issues such as sexual harassment within all levels of a company, investor fraud (typically from executives and upper management) , employee theft from all levels of a company, health and safety issues on the job, environmental concerns such as chemicals leeching into the ground, employee favoritism and mis-treatment, and many other types of issues on a daily basis.

It is our belief that most of these issues can be easily solved through communication if the problem is discussed at an early enough stage. It is much easier to solve problems such as sexual harassment when the problem is small enough to be discussed maturely, On the first instance of a problem, take a minute to let the other party know what is acceptable and what is not. If you are only comfortable disucssing issues such as sexual harassment in an anonymous forum, then we are pleased to make our service available to you.

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