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Anonymous Employee serves


Where Does Anonymous Employee Function?

As a whole, we offer anonymous communication wherever there is an internet connection.

We currently, provide our online solution in English.

Many of the advanced features such as legal advice and mediation are only currently offered in Canada or the United States. Please contact the administrator if you would like more information, or if you are intersted in providing your services as a professional mediator or employment lawyer.

You can use our anonymous service at any location, however we specifically do not recommend that you use our service from a work computer. Please, where at all possible, use a public computer such as a library, school, or friends house.

Please be aware that your computer activites at work are likely being monitored and no matter what safe guards are made available within this site, you will be "under the microscope" when you are at work. Please be sure to take all security precautions on your end and follow safe internet practices.

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