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Who is Anonymous Employee?

Anonymous Employee is an incorporated company that acts as an Employee Assistance Program focusing on Proactive Dispute Resolution. It is an online, anonymous means of communicating workplace issues with your employer. It also provides you with a network of professionals who can support you through a number of means including coaching, advice and other activities.

The purpose of Anonymous Employee is to provide a forum for employers and employees to discuss concerns and ideas without needing to reveal their identity.

Anonymous Employee provides you with an anonymous communication system that you can use to communicate with your supervisors. This lets you send an anonymous message to them so that you can help to let your employer know what is wrong.

When you complain within your own company, you often do it by letting your employer know exactly who you are, and what your issue is. Even if your company has an open door policy, you are still taking a risk when you speak out. Because of this, many employees feel safer when they raise issues and do it anonymously. When you stay anonymous and raise issues, you are able to make your point, and most importantly, you do not have to let anyone know who you are.

The anonymous communication process allows you to create a login account for free. This way, you will be able to have a full two way anonymous discussion with your employer. This means that they can review your concern, respond to you within the anonymous channel. You can also read their anonymous response and reply back to them. This offers you a means of protection, because you stay anonymous.

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