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Poor Employee Morale

Does your office suffer from poor employee morale?Beating Poor Employee Morale in Today's Workplace

Among the most important things that can be done to improve upon a business' s chances for success is to beat poor employee morale in the workplace and motivate team members at their jobs. By failing to prevent or repair poor employee morale, there is a high risk of employee burnout and overall dissatisfaction. This is an extremely expensive way to do business because it leads to poor productivity and increased absences from work.

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Poor Employee Morale

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Hi, I'm a new manager at my company. I've been working there for over five years and was promoted to manager of a new department. I am supposed to be supervising two ladies who have been working at this department f...
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Moral in the workplace is among the end results of the different elements that make up the entire working environment. Examples of these elements includes salary, worker satisfaction, responsibilities, supervisory contributions, overall working conditions, status, and a great deal more.

Poor employee moral is something that should be managed as soon as it starts to show - that is, if it has not been prevented in the first place. The reason for this is that it is extremely contagious. Rarely is poor employee moral limited to a single individual.

It is therefore important that signs of poor employee moral be watched for very carefully among all employees. Such symptoms can include frequent absences, increases in the number of errors, decreased productivity, decreased quality of work, frequent tardiness, apathy, sulking and moping, backstabbing, and increases in accidents or injuries.

Remember that poor employee moral is not the cause of these problems, but it is instead a reaction to another part of the workplace that is not functioning at its best. Therefore, if the problem is to be solved, the reason for the poor employee morale must be identified.

Possible causes include:

  • A negative event within the workplace, such as a firing, downsizing, or other dramatic and unwanted change
  • The promotion of an unpopular employee, or a promotion when there were other candidates for the position who were overlooked
  • Arguments or other forms of tension among staff members or between staff and management.
  • Other possible causes of poor employee morale include:

  • Unstable financial health of the company
  • Overwork or a consistently heavy workload
  • Feeling unappreciated or underappreciated for the work done
  • Conditions of the workplace
  • Demanding, rigid supervision that is too involved in the work being done
  • Unsupportive, weak supervision that does not offer enough input or guidance.
  • Once the cause of the poor employee morale has been identified, it is time to take steps to improve it as soon as possible. If the cause cannot be identified alone, it may be necessary to hire a consultant who can root out the problem. However, it is important to remember that there is a very easy way to find out the source of some of the poor employee morale issues, which is simply to ask some of the employees. Address the issue seriously, but without tension, allowing the employee to feel comfortable to express him or herself. By finding this information directly from the person experiencing the poor employee morale, it will ensure that the precise problem is being addressed. Furthermore, it will help to show employees that the management truly does care about the issues that are bothering them, and their input for resolving the situation.

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