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Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
Last weds. I went to work and found some quality issues and i asked a full-timer if i should report these issues and he said no. I said what happens if the large company gets them like this he said don't worry about it. I do worry about it. so i went and told 3 different team-leaders and still nothing changed so i kept finding them. and he kept telling me mind to my job and don't worry about the defects.
I came into work on Thursday. If looks could kill, the rumours of me being fired and how i gave that full-timer attitude. well one of the team-leaders walked by me and gave me a look that could kill. and many other employees. all i wanted to was the right thing. then i was told i was a rat and don't talk to me because i will tell the team leader. no one would talk to me i was given the cold shoulder. so i assumed i was getting fired. well i wasn't paying attention to my strutt hoist job because i was looking for the supervisor to come get me and as i went and picked up the strutt it got stuck in the nylon pieces and jumped out i controlled it mostly with mu body but it knocked my knee. i had to go to the hospital. any way the doc didn't do an x-ray at the hospital and said the pain will subside in a couple of days. I called my doc today for him to examine it and determine if it is bad because i have been getting pins and needles feeling from my knee down to my foot. i hope it isn't bad.I went back to work on Sat and this time it was worst people calling me a bitch, and rat and when i asked why they would ignore me. i left work 1/3 hour early and did not tell anyone. my boss called and asked why i did not advise anyone is was leaving so i told him the storey and how i felt intimidated, he told me it was all in my head and that it wasn't true. like heck it wasn't true i told him. he said that maybe i wasn't suited for this job and that i should go work in another career. grrrr i am so upset. man any advice?  
Employee: anonymous
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